Whitestone Valley Construction & Demolition Landfill provides disposal to North Georgia and the Metro Atlanta areas. This facility has capacity to take all demolition and construction debris as well as asbestos.

Whitestone Valley Landfill is a premier recycling facility within the Metro Atlanta and North Georgia areas.  If you have an asbestos job to dispose of, please call the office 48 hours in advance at  (706)-253-3300.


Brandie Townsend
1840 Anderson Mill Road                                                                                                                                 Austell, GA 30106

Phone: (770)-433-248
Email: gasite@cldf.com

Acceptable Materials

Brick & Concrete, Lumber, Pallets, Drywall, Wood Waste of all types
Asphalt, Shingles, Paper, Cardboard, Plastics of all types
Furniture, Carpet, & Mattresses
Rock & Soil
Scrap Metal of all types, Pipe, Gates Etc.
Glass of all sorts, Insulation & Asbestos: Loads require special handling and ar priced per load, call 2 days prior to disposal

Unacceptable Materials

Household Garbage (Food Trash)
Scrap Tires & Crossties
Biomedical & Industrial Waste
Liquids (Paint, Oils, Greases)
Hazardous Waste & Radioactive Waste